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Vol 1 (2015) A Comparison of Higher versus Lower Dietary Protein Intake on Glomerular Filtration Rate in Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Abstract   PDF
Arjun Sithamparapillai
Vol 2 (2016) A Delicate Compromise: A Policy Study of the Canadian Response to Ebola Abstract   PDF
Lauranne Be Larose
Vol 1 (2015) A review of the recruitment and retention strategies of rural and northern physicians in Manitoba, Canada Abstract   PDF
Jaymie Walker
Vol 1 (2015) An analysis of community-based nonpharmacological treatments for the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, as alternatives to antipsychotic medication in aging populations around the world Abstract   PDF
Manpreet Lamba
Vol 2 (2016) An Overview of the Progress towards Achieving Global Polio Eradication Abstract   PDF
Soheil El-Azzouni
Vol 1 (2015) Assessing the Influence of Stigma and Discrimination on Barriers to Health Care Access in Transgender Populations Abstract   PDF
Seema Mehta
Vol 1 (2015) Characteristics of medical teams responding to disasters: a scoping review Abstract   PDF
David Oldenburger
Vol 1 (2015) Combatting Maternal and Child Malnutrition in Pakistan: Using Microcredits as Ammunition Abstract   PDF
Iqra Effendi
Vol 2 (2016) Daily Targeted Evidence Reports for Orthopaedic Surgeons: A Mixed Methods Study In India Abstract   PDF
Sunita Kheterpal
Vol 1 (2015) Ethics of quarantine: the West African Ebola crisis Abstract   PDF
Pearl Vyas
Vol 1 (2015) Evaluating Current Screening Programs for Congenital Chagas Disease in Rural Latin America Abstract   PDF
Ateeya Vawda
Vol 1 (2015) Evaluation of the new Option B+ Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) Program for HIV Infected Women at Hospital Facilities: Case Study at the Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa Abstract   PDF
Melanie Bisnauth
Vol 1 (2015) Finding the right frame: What is the problem represented to be in a national tuberculosis strategy Abstract   PDF
Shayna Campbell
Vol 2 (2016) Fostering Student Partnership in Education – A New Model of Curricular Design Abstract   PDF
Parvathy Krishna Krishna Pillai Sathidevi, Lori Goff
Vol 1 (2015) Global Health Organizations and Student Practicums Abstract   PDF
Editorial Board
Vol 1 (2015) Going mobile: Scaling up mHealth initiatives in LMICs Abstract   PDF
David Hill
Vol 1 (2015) Greetings from the Editorial Board Abstract   PDF
Editorial Board
Vol 1 (2015) Gut Feelings: A Thematic Review of the Links Between Acute Gastrointestinal Illness and Anxiety and Depressive Disorders Abstract   PDF
Janet Hélѐne-Zanin
Vol 1 (2015) Impacts of the Interim Federal Health Program on healthcare access and provision for refugees and refugee claimants in Canada: A stakeholder analysis Abstract   PDF
Valentina Antonipillai
Vol 1 (2015) Implementing Telehealth Technology for South Asian Seniors with Cardiovascular Disease Abstract   PDF
Safia Nazarali
Vol 2 (2016) Inching towards a Federal Pharmaceutical Plan in Canada: Application of Multiple Streams Theory and Punctuated Equilibrium Theory Abstract   PDF
Vidhi Thakkar
Vol 2 (2016) Indian Railways - A menace to Public Health Abstract   PDF
Harsh Rajvanshi
Vol 1 (2015) Insecurity, Weak Health Systems and Poliomyelitis Eradication Abstract   PDF
Nazia Sohani
Vol 1 (2015) Intersectoral Involvement in Water Sanitation Innovations Abstract   PDF
Alix Thompson
Vol 1 (2015) Investigating the Relationship Between Climate Change and Tropical Parasitic Disease Abstract   PDF
Russell Yanofsky
Vol 2 (2016) Listening to Context: A Cultural Examination of Indian Women’s Mental Health Abstract   PDF
Nicola Gailits
Vol 2 (2016) Literature Review on the Effects of Pollution on Respiratory Illnesses in Hamilton and its Cost on the Healthcare System. Abstract   PDF
Nicole Rakowski
Vol 2 (2016) Mama Goat, Papa Goat Abstract   PDF
Mathura Mahendren
Vol 1 (2015) Measuring nutrition environments: a comparison between instrument evaluation in developed and developing countries. Abstract   PDF
Alexandra McKnight
Vol 2 (2016) Mental Health in War conflict areas Abstract   PDF
Zakariya Chouhan
Vol 1 (2015) Obesity: The Biology, Burden in Canada, and Canadian National Policy Abstract   PDF
Rehman Jinah
Vol 1 (2015) Path toward a malaria-free future: an overview of current challenges and strategies for malaria vaccine development Abstract   PDF
Fereshteh Azad
Vol 1 (2015) Predicting Patterns of Global Variations in Electroconvulsive Therapy Utilization Abstract   PDF
Uros Rakita
Vol 1 (2015) Premature Stroke Mortality and Disparities in the Americas Abstract   PDF
Ario Mirian
Vol 1 (2015) Prevention of a Growing Pandemic, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome: A Literature Review Abstract   PDF
Sharif Saleh
Vol 2 (2016) Redefining Schistosomiasis haematobium in Light of its Impact on HIV Transmission: An argument for reinvigorated global commitment to Schistosomiasis control Abstract   PDF
Melissa Janssen
Vol 1 (2015) Social services for immigrants and refugees to Canada: A systematic review of the evidence on provision, management, and outcomes of available services Abstract   PDF
Aru Sharma
Vol 1 (2015) Systemic Antibiotics for the Treatment of Neonatal Chlamydial Conjunctivitis: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Andrew Zikic
Vol 1 (2015) The Burden of Tobacco-Related Illnesses in China Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Mateen
Vol 1 (2015) The Globalization of Medical Education: Bringing the Canadian Professional Competencies Program and Problem-Based Learning to the Indian Medical Education System Abstract   PDF
Palika Kohli
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