Examining the Influence Individualistic Cultural Values has on Rates of Narcissistic Personality Disorder


  • Madeline Sinnamon McMaster University


Several studies have suggested rates of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) have been increasing in recent decades. People who suffer from NPD often experience an excessive sense of self-importance. This paper will review mounting evidence available in the literature suggesting the recent increase in rates of NPD is a result of Western cultural shifts from collectivist to individualist self-concepts. This paper will begin by providing a general overview of NPD, including diagnostic criteria, symptoms, prevalence rates, potential causes, and treatment options. It will then discuss the effects of Western culture’s shift towards valuing individualism. Specifically, this paper will explore the effects this shift in values has on cultural products, parenting styles, and therapeutic options. How these changes may have led to higher rates of NPD will then be discussed, as well as suggestions for further research.





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