The Problem with Falling in Love Too Fast


  • Timur Begaliyev McMaster (Undergraduate Student)


One condition, emophilia, is the tendency to fall in love quickly and often. Emophiles prematurely overcommit to romantic relationships at a young age, which detrimentally impacts their ability to develop a self-identity through fulfilling their educational/career goals. A lacking personal self-identity was a driving factor towards divorce in emophiles. Unlike the control group, emophiles showed equal attraction between dating profiles with dark triad traits and healthy profiles. Because emophiles overcommit at a younger age and remain attracted to dark triad traits, they are susceptible to entering relationships with emotionally abusive partners. Further research should investigate a therapy plan that 1) identifies people with emophilia, and 2) helps emophiles develop a healthy skepticism of romantic partners before hastily committing to an abusive, long-term relationship.





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