Welcome Message - Deb Matthews, Chair of Ontario's Cabinet Committee on Poverty Reduction


  • Deb Matthews


Congratulations to the Ontario Association of Food Banks on your inaugural issue of the Ontario Journal of Hunger and Poverty. This is a great example of the Association’s excellent work tackling hunger and poverty issues across the province.

On December 4, the McGuinty government launched Breaking the Cycle, Ontario’s first-ever poverty reduction strategy. Developing the strategy couldn’t have been done without the thoughtful contribution of the OAFB and hundreds of Ontarians across the province.

This journal represents exactly the kind of collaborative approach that we’ll need to reduce poverty. It’s this very spirit of collaboration that will lead to innovative solutions, and keep the dialogue about poverty reduction alive in Ontario.

I am confident that we can break the cycle of poverty. To get us there, it’s going to take a lot of hard work. And it’s going to take all of us – citizens, government, students, the business community, and the non-profit sector – working together.

Again, congratulations on the launch of the Journal, and I look forward to reading more issues in the months and years to come.






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