The Meducator

The Meducator is McMaster University’s undergraduate Health Sciences Journal. It is a unique student publication in that it publishes pieces that critically address current issues with a high degree of scientific rigor, but are also accessible to a broad audience. We publish articles from a wide range of fields within the Health Sciences discipline. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Biochemistry and Biomedical Research
  • Health Policy
  • Global Health
  • Population Health
  • Clinical Research
  • Health Ethics

Through biannual magazine publications, a regularly updated blog, and a Facebook and Twitter page, we aim to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to publish their work, perspectives, and insight regarding contemporary topics in the Health Sciences and share this information with their peers. Our protocol also strives to maintain a high standard of academic integrity by having each article edited by a postgraduate in the relevant field, as well as by The Meducator student editorial board.

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