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The Meducator is McMaster University's undergraduate Health Sciences journal, a unique student publication that publishes pieces on current topics in the health sciences with a high degree of scientific rigor, while aiming to be accessible to a broad audience. We publish original undergraduate research and review articles, as well as a wide range of other feature articles including opinion columns, researcher interviews, and collaborative pieces in the field of health sciences. Submitted articles undergo a blind review process by our undergraduate editorial board, and subsequently are reviewed by a post-graduate expert in a relevant field. Learn more about us and ways that you can get involved by exploring our website.

Vol 1, No 29 (2015)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
The Meducator

Letter from the Editor

The Meducator


The Meducator


Takhliq Amir, Joella Ho, Sabrina Lin, Feroze Noordin


Ishan Aditya, Valerie Kim, Tony Chen


Alexandra Kilian, Emily Fong, Sara Halawa, Matthew Hughsam, Ben Li


Mobeen Mubasher, Xinglin Li


Hanna Haponenko

Research Insights

Nisha Kansal, Samuel Seunghon Kim


Sarah Ge, Cathy Lu

Research Proposal

Gurrattan Chandhoke, Jennifer Herman, Avika Misra, Eric Ferreira

Critical Reviews

David Bobrowski

Global Perspective

Tanishq Suryavanshi, Shirley (Xue) Jiang, Shicheng Jin, Salmi Noor, Raiya Suleman


Jack Zhang


Contributors and Back Cover
The Meducator