Destination Ambassadors: Examining how Hospitality Companies Value Brand Ambassadorship from Front-Line Employees – A Case Study of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

  • John Morgan
Keywords: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, brand image, reputation, customer loyalty, brand ambassador


This case study examines how Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts develops brand image, brand reputation, and customer loyalty though the interactions that front-line employees have with guests. It sets out to define employee brand ambassadorship within the organization, understand how Four Seasons trains employees to communicate effectively with guests, and research the metrics used to evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of its employee communication strategy. What emerged from interviews and an examination of media coverage indicates that Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts considers the interactions between employees and guests to be the most important factor in delivering the brand promise. Furthermore, hiring employees who are most aligned with the company’s culture and values is an important factor in the ability to develop brand-supportive behaviours within the workforce.