Review of Gary Davies with Rosa Chun, Rui Vinhas Da Silva, and Stuart Roper, Corporate Reputation and Competiveness (London, UK: Routledge, 2003)

  • Victor Vrsnik
Keywords: Gary Davies, Rosa Chun, Rui Vinhas Da Silva, Stuart Roper, business strategy, corporate reputation


Corporate Reputation and Competitiveness gives business leaders a fresh new look at strategic planning through the lens of reputation management. Perhaps the book’s most compelling contribution is the “corporate reputation chain,” a strategic management model that seeks to harmonize employee and customer perceptions of an organization. Do this, and behold explosive reputational results. Communicators can decipher a subtext in the book that breathes new life in the communications management role, and positions it at the centre of the strategic planning process. The ideas of the book were incubated at the Manchester Business School, home to Gary Davies and his co-authors.