The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra: Building an Online Community


  • Katharine Blanchard McMaster University



Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, HPO, arts management, strategic communications, community building, community management, communication metrics, social media,


This paper studies the effectiveness of the social media deployment by the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO). It provides an overview of current practices, and suggests a strategy that could substantially improve the reach of the HPO social media activities. The framework for this paper is an application of the online community building paradigms – as presented in Jono Bacon’s “Art of Community” – to the needs of the HPO. The author believes that the HPO is of tremendous value to the Hamilton community, and that its communication strategy specifically its social media activities can be strengthened by a seven step strategic plan. The plan includes among other techniques, defining more clearly its audience, merging traditional and social media into one content flow, and synergizing with similar organizations.