About the Journal

About the program

McMaster’s Arts & Science program is a small and interdisciplinary program, in which students take a variety of courses with a focus on developing strong research, writing, and critical thinking skills. Many of the courses require end-of-term research-based essays, and students have the freedom to focus on a wide array of socio-political issues. Aletheia aims to provide a platform for this unique work to be showcased to peers, prospective students, and friends and family members of students. Courses that are likely to be featured in the journal are Global Challenges Inquiry, Social and Political Thought, Technology & Society, Alumni Experience Inquiry, and Literature.



Inspiration for the journal came during a difficult summer of COVID-19, and hope for opportunities to foster inter-year collaboration in the remote-learning school year. In its inaugural year, we brought together a team of talented students from across all years of the program: Peer Reviewers who provided detailed feedback and commentary on authors’ submissions, and Graphics Designers who created the journal’s website and artwork.

We hope that our publications will give other students in the program a chance to see what their peers are doing in a variety of Arts & Science courses, to help with their own writing and to connect them to others with similar research interests. We also hope that the journal might present the opportunity for prospective students and alumni to see the amazing and innovative work continually produced in the program.