Submission details


Hi Artsci! Here are a few important things to note before you submit your paper:

1. The theme for this edition is Renaissance! Papers can, for example, analyze attempts at progress in the face of adversity; speak to innovation practices; and transition methods.
2. Papers must be from the 2021 winter semester.
3. Papers must also be research-based (at least 8 sources) and around 2000-5000 words, including references (which may be in any style, as long as they are consistent).
4. You may only submit one paper per edition (you can always submit another paper in Winter 2022! First years, that will be your chance!).

Submissions are due on Friday, October 8th at 11:59pm, but email us in advance if you are having a busy week and need an extra day or two.

We will notify you in about a month if your paper is conditionally accepted for inclusion, and we will send you the edits from our Peer Reviewers for you to incorporate before we can include it in the journal.

Please email us at if you have any questions about the criteria, submission process, theme, etc! We are happy to help.