Glad You Came: The History of the Science Concerning the Study of the Female Orgasm


  • Eva Clark-Lepard McMaster University
  • Alex James Wilson McMaster University


Hysteria, Female Ejaculation (Squirting), Vaginal Orgasm, Clitoral Orgasm, CUMD, Female Sexuality, Masturbation, Reproductive Anatomy


The science surrounding the female orgasm, female sexual behaviour, and female ejaculation has been incredibly controversial throughout its history. Social stigma and morality has shaped and influenced scientific discovery throughout time but has had particular impacts when studying female sexuality. Until very recently there was controversy over the existence of phenomena such as female ejaculation, despite it being documented for over 2000 years and several accounts from women to the contrary. Examining the history behind recent discoveries such as the complexity of the clitoris and the biochemical composition of female ejaculation improves our collective understanding, of how we as a scientific community have come to where we are today. Examining the controversy and multiple perspectives throughout history also provides insight on the history of science and how it has changed through time.