Alternative Feedback Control Mechanisms To Standard PID

  • Desmond Flowers


Feedback controllers stabilize a system through one or several feedback parameters. This paper focused on
the classical PID controller, used both throughout academia and industry. It is therefore useful to understand
how to optimize the PID controllers for use under dynamic conditions, where spikes are readily encountered.
A line following robot is considered under conditions of widely changing UV light, and speeds of 0 to 8 m/s,
and demonstrates the need for autonomous, dynamic recalibration. This paper contrasts standard Ziegler
Nichols PID tuning with supplementary tuning methods, including tuning by fuzzy logic, and fractional
order parameter tuning. This paper also loosely considers H2 and H Infinity Optimization, and Particle
Swarm Optimization (PSO), which are operable on non-PID controllers and are therefore only loosley being
considered for the purposes of this paper. The results suggest that fractional order, fuzzy logic PIDs (FOFPIDs)
are the best for application in academia and the small electronics industry. FOF-PID performed at 88
percent higher efficiency than Zielger Nichols method on its own, and FPID performed at 71.2 percent higher
efficiency than Ziegler Nichols method.


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