A Simple Lab Setup for Measuring Concentration of Phosphorus in Water Using Multi-junction Solar Cell


  • yanheng tan Engineering Physics


The article discusses the feasibility to measure the Phosphorus concentration in water using solar cell. The standard lab setting for measuring the concentration of Phosphorus requires big and expensive machinery. It produces an accurate result, but it is time-consuming and limited by the location of the lab. The ideal in this paper is to set up your own device to measure the concentration with relative accuracy. The method based on changing the color of the water base on the concertation of the Phosphorus. The tested sample mix with the Ammonium Molybdate followed by reduction with hydrazine in acidic medium[i]. The solution will become the blue base on the concentration of Phosphorus in water. A fixed volume transparent square container with 1 cm thickness used to hold the sample.  Using Halogen lamp to shine through the sample and measure the current output from the solar cell. The setting should be the same for each sample. The only change will be the sample. The reference sample needed to use to scale the device. It is possible to get a simple setup for measuring the concentration of Phosphorus.