An Overview on the Fabrication of Bragg Grating Waveguides Using Various Techniques


  • Arthur Méndez-Rosales McMaster Engineering Physics


This article provides an overview of the four most popular fabrication techniques that are employed today to fabricate Bragg grating waveguide devices. Namely, the Etching of Guiding Medium approach, Photoinduced Refractive Index Change technique, Ultrafast Laser Inscription technique, and the Ion Implanted Bragg grating technique are discussed. Some preliminary context is provided to the unacquainted reader on the history and principle of a Bragg grating. The processes comprising each technique are then described and samples of finalized devices are tabulated for the reader. Overall, the Etching of Guiding Medium approach and Photoinduced Refractive Index Change technique are the best-established techniques today, given their history and relative success. The Ultrafast Laser inscription technique is the most novel, still with some uncertainty, but a promising future. Lastly, the Ion Implanted Bragg grating approach appeared overall inferior to the rest of the techniques discussed.