A Low cost non-contact universal ultrasonic eye tracking method for drivers


  • Brendan R. Fallon Student


This paper demonstrates the operation of a low cost non-contact universal person eye tracking method with an ultrasonic sensor. The purpose of the device is to be used with the Eclipse light shielding system that requires the user’s eye with a max error of 2.2cm and at an update rate of at least 0.7 Hz. The system is constructed through inexpensive parts such as a raspberry pi, webcam, ultrasonic sensor, and IR illuminator bringing the total cost to under $150 CAD. Through a series of testing the error was shown to be an average combined 0.8 cm and the average refresh rate an average 5 Hz. Even with a standard deviation of 0.2cm and 1 Hz respectively, this puts the system well within specification even at 3σ or 99.7% of the range of values. This system has several benefits such as its field of view but drawbacks such as its lack of robust tracking in all driver scenarios.