Impact of Social Groups on Academic Agency in Undergraduate Students


  • Dana Alnahhar
  • Maya Mehta
  • Arielle Ngai
  • Nayla Pietras
  • Conrad von Palleske
  • Vivian Wu


This research paper utilizes principles of symbolic interactionism and social psychology to explore elements of academic agency and group membership in undergraduate students. By employing a survey and analyzing data points, our research reinforces that group membership is correlated with academic agency. Academic agency was measured by taking scores of individual self-efficacy, forethought, self-reflectiveness, and performance. We found a variety of differences in these measures when we divided our sample into definable groups based on group membership orientation. Most notably, large differences appeared between group membership orientations and self-reported scores for self-efficacy. We conclude that group membership has an influence on academic agency, and that self-efficacy appears to be the most distinguishing factor between differing groups.






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