A Reflection on Contemporary Sexuality


  • Leila Cottin


A greater diversity can be observed in Western citizens' sexuality. The development of serial monogamy, polyamorous relationships and other practices have considerably expanded under what we can call a mass media age.

Sexuality — or rather sexualities, as many sociologists and activists argue (Macionis et al, 2021.) — includes three components: sexual identity/orientation, sexual behavior and sexual attraction. (Macionis et al, 2021.). Diversification of sexualities triggers a response from society that reciprocates this influence, making sexuality a social construct largely studied and reflected by sociologists.

This paper delves into the idea that sexuality in the 21st century is a social construct influenced by our social environment including new technologies and media. Secondary sources were thoroughly used and analyzed to confirm the crucial influence of these media in constructing individual’s sexuality, especially for the younger generation. It also put forward the dangers of this excessive merge of sexuality with the media.






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