About the Journal

About Sciential

Sciential was founded in 2018 by the students and staff of the School of Interdisciplinary Sciences (SIS). 

Sciential, affiliated with the SIS, aims at integrating various aspects of science into one platform and promoting effective science communication. The Editorial Board is formed by all McMaster Univeristy students and all undergraduate students are able to publish their work, granted it matches the scope of the journal.

Most students wishing to pursue professional and graduate studies will find that publishing is essential to having a successful career in the field. Our peer review process exposes the applicants to scientific publishing, preparing them to meet the high standards of publishing in their future. Moreover, the peer review process will ensure well-written and scientifically accurate content. We believe that the innovative research done within the Faculty of Science should be acknowledged, and through publishing relevant material we will raise awareness for the achievements of faculty members and students.

Please, see Sciential Official Manual for a comprehensive guide of the journal.

Focus and Scope

Appreciating the integration of all fields in science, the scope of the journal is kept broad. Please note, works pertaining to mathematics and statistics are also acceptable for submission.

To assure your idea will fit the scope of the journal, please contact us at scientia@mcmaster.ca with as much insight into your future submission as possible. If you have a digital copy of your work (complete or in-progress) please send it with your email. If your work is in hard-copy form (complete or in-progress), please send a readable scan or picture.

Please, see Sciential Official Manual for a comprehensive guide of the types of submissions accepted.

Peer Review Process

Editing will be done by two or three student Editors from the Sciential’s Editorial Board. The Senior Editors reserve the right to assign Editors to peer-review the submission. In the case of submission of a video or an infographic, the work will be looked at and edited by the journal’s Videographer and/or Graphic Designer, respectively.

Once the work is submitted, the author may expect to be contacted by the editor upon the completion of the first review of the work anytime within 14 to 21 days.  At this time the author will be given feedback regarding their submission, the validity of the content, the scope of the work and grammar. The author will also be given deadlines by which to incorporate the feedback. Once the submission has been edited it may be resubmitted to the journal, however, shall the deadlines not be met, the submission will be removed from consideration. Once the work is approved by the editors, the author will be notified of this as well as the date their work will be published.

Please, see Sciential Official Manual for a comprehensive guide of the peer review process.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


The Sciential team would like to sincerely thank the School of Interdisciplinary Sciences (SIS) at McMaster University including the faculty, staff, and students who have continuously encouraged and supported this initiative, and the McMaster University Library for providing an easy and accessible platform, Open Journal System (OJS), for publishing our journal. Additionally, the Sciential team is grateful to the Science Initiative Fund (SIF) from the McMaster Science Society (MSS) for their generous funding in support of Sciential.


Recognizing and appreciating that the Sciential team consists of undergraduate students, there may be some inadvertencies in the content of the journal, OJS, the official manual, and/or the official website. If you come across such inadvertencies, we would appreciate if it would be brought to our attention immediately, as we always seek to improve the quality of our content for our readers, authors, and associates.