Editorial Team


Aiman Shahid - Honours Life Sciences IV

Aiman is in her fourth year of the Honours Life Sciences program within the School of Interdisciplinary Sciences at McMaster University. She, along with Alisa, co-founded Sciential with the primary goal to represent the diverse Faculty of Science at McMaster University and promote effective science communication. Her research interests lie in the areas of pedagogy, stem cells, genetics, and infectious disease. Outside of academics, Aiman enjoys trying new food, travelling, and spending time with her friends and family.

Alisa Nykolayeva - Honours Life Sciences IV Co-op

Alisa is in her fourth year of the Honours Life Sciences Co-op program at McMaster University. In partnership with Aiman, Alisa co-founded Sciential to embrace the interdisciplinarity of science and scientific research at McMaster University through various types of submissions accepted by the journal. Alisa is now a co-op student which will assist her in finding the most suitable for her field of science, however, her most recent interest lies in stem cell biology in transplantations. Outside of university, Alisa is interested in quality time with family and friend, traveling, and self-reflection. 

Senior Editors

Amama Khairzad - Honours Life Sciences IV

Amama is in her fourth year of studies as an Honours Life Sciences student at McMaster University. She joined Sciential due to her passion for science communication and writing. Amama immensely values an interdisciplinary approach to scientific research and believes Sciential is exemplary in that regard. Her research interests comprise stem cells, genetics, and synthetic biology. She is passionate about advocating for educational equity and international health. Outside of her academics, Amama enjoys playing soccer and volleyball with her brothers, spending time with family, and baking as a stress-reliever.

Ishita Paliwal - Honours Integrated Science III

Ishita is a third year student in the Honours Integrated Sciences program. She joined Sciential because it provides an accessible platform for students to publish their work. This journal can allow other students to learn about current and local research, and possibly get inspired to write papers themselves. She is interested in literature reviews and conducting original research in the field of biochemistry. She has been doing Indian classical dance for ten years and is a swim instructor and lifeguard. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time with family and friends.

Graduate Editors

Jennifer Williams - Department of Kinesiology, PhD Candidate

Jennifer Williams is a PhD student in the Department of Kinesiology, supervised by Dr. Maureen MacDonald in the Vascular Dynamics Lab. She completed her undergraduate degree in Health Studies & Life Sciences, and Master's degree in Kinesiology from Queen's University. She studies the influence of sex hormones on cardiovascular function, with a focus on hormonal contraceptives in her PhD research. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking and biking the beautiful Hamilton trails, and enjoying activities with family and friends. She's excited to be joining the Sciential team to continue to learn about the diverse research going on at McMaster!

Undergraduate Editors

Caitlin Reintjes - Honours Integrated Science III

Caitlin is in her third year of the Honours Integrated Sciences program. She chose to become an editor for Sciential because she is very passionate about both science and writing and wanted to find an opportunity that combined these disciplines. Since she is so enthusiastic about both of these fields, she wanted to use her position as an editor to share her excitement for science with the undergraduate community. Her research interests include pediatric medicine, neurobiology, and genetics. Outside of academics, she is a lifeguard, teaches swim lessons, and enjoys practicing yoga and reading.

Duha Sikander - Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour IV

Duha is in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour and  will be starting her fourth year this fall. She chose to join Sciential because as a prospective law student, she realizes that her chosen career path requires proficient writing and proofreading abilities and being part of an editing committee is a great way for her to practice these skills. In terms of research, she is interested in studying the cognitive heuristics that lead to differential voting patterns in low-information and high-information elections. As for her interests outside of school, she is an avid observer of global politics. She enjoys watching political debate in particular. She also enjoys story writing and drawing.   

Isabel Dewey - Honours Life Sciences III

Isabel is in her third year of Honours Life Science and could not be more excited. She wanted to join Sciential to be a part of an interesting school organization and to fuel her passion for scientific research and communication. She is interested in public health research and research in science education. Outside of her academics, she enjoys dancing with McMaster’s dance team, tutoring local high school students in calculus and advanced functions, and visiting waterfalls. In this position, she looks forward to contributing to the clarity and accessibility that Scientific journals should always strive to maintain.

Kasia Tywonek - Honours Integrated Science - III

She is entering her third year of Integrated Science with a concentration in Biology. She chose to join Sciential because she wants to celebrate the fantastic research undergraduate students are capable of. She hopes to gain exposure to as many fields of research as possible and contribute to the publication process. She is interested mainly in immuno-oncology and biomedical research, as well as quality improvement of the Canadian healthcare system. Outside of her academic interests, you can find her hiking, reading or watching movies!  

Mohammed Khan - Honours Life Sciences IV

Mohammed is in his fourth year of the Honours Life Sciences program. He joined Sciential because he is tremendously passionate about research and its potential to positively influence people on a large scale. He believes in Sciential’s open access policy and broad scope, as it promotes the dissemination of research from various scientific disciplines. His research interests include health research methodology, biomechanics, and statistics. Outside of academics, Mohammed enjoys playing sports, acting, volunteering with the youth, and reading. 

Pouriya Sadeghi – Honours Life Sciences IV

Pouriya is a fourth year student in the Honours Life Sciences program and has a deep passion for the field of medicine. Apart from all the academics Pouriya greatly enjoys traveling and following the stock market. He is also very passionate about volunteering abroad, specifically to combat HIV and AIDS in South Africa both abroad and through working with various organizations. Pouriya is immensely interested in research, the publication process and to learn about local research; which is what motivated him to join Sciential. His research interests include fieldwork assessing disease prevalence (HIV), immunotherapy, as well as Alzheimer’s disease.   

Reza Khorvash - Honours Life Sciences III 

Reza is a third year life science student at McMaster University. He joined the Sciential because of his enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research and science communication. His first research experience goes back to 2016 when he volunteered as a research student at a pathology lab. Since then, he is mainly interested in medical case-control studies and meta-analyses. His current research projects are in ophthalmology and internal medicine. Outside of academia, he is a professional pianist and performs in the McMaster marching band. Moreover, he plays soccer and baseball occasionally. Lastly, he is passionate about cinema and loves to watch movies in theatres.

Stefano Biasi - Honours Life Sciences II

Stefano is in his second year of an Honours Life Sciences program, and so far, the experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. He has an intense passion and insatiable curiosity for the sciences and Sciential is an opportunity for him to manifest that passion and curiosity while collaborating with a group of exceptional people. Stefano is interested in the health sciences and aspires to one day translate that passion into helping people. Aside from the sciences, he is a classically trained guitarist that loves to explore all types of music.

Creative Director

Youssef El-Sayes - Honours Life Sciences III

Youssef is in his third year of the Honours Life Sciences program. He is a multi-faceted student and enjoys using his skills in art, graphic design, and writing to make science enjoyable and gratifying for writers and readers alike. Youssef decided to join the Sciential team because of his interest in research, and advocating towards the value and importance of science and inquiry. His major research interests reside in the field of immunology and understanding the vital role of the immune system. When he is free, you can find him hiking, baking, or sketching something fun and new.

Graphic Designer

Minkyung Kim - Honours Sociology III

Minkyung is a third year student in Sociology. She found Sciential as an opportunity to demonstrate her skills outside of the academics. Seh also has a great passion for publishing a journal of the undergraduate students' research and interests. So, she is excited to work with the whole team. She loves creating graphics and designing the pages. She also likes listening to music and dancing on her own.


Abby Lindzon - Honours Integrated Science IV

Abby is in her fourth year of the Integrated Science program majoring in biochemistry. Ever since she was young she has always had a love for science and art and she is so happy that she will be able to combine these passions as an illustrator for Sciential. Some of her hobbies and interests include, gardening, exercising, and of course art. 

Roushan Tabassum - Honours Human Behaviour III

Roushan is in her third year of the Honours Human Behaviour program at McMaster University. She decided to join Sciential as an Illustrator to assist in providing a gateway for fellow undergraduate students, with a passion to research, to express their findings within the community. She believes that illustrations will make abstract concepts and scientific expressions more engaging, expressive, and accessible to the readers of the journal, and allow more to be inspired to get involved in research. Her research interests include: genetics, clinical and cognitive psychology. Outside of academics, She enjoys creating art, photography, swimming, and travelling.

Simran Kaur - Honours Life Sciences III

Simran is a third year Honours Life Sciences student at McMaster University. She joined the Sciential team as an Illustrator because she has a passion for research, science, and visual arts. Hence, she looks forward to uniting both my artistic and scientific qualities. In Sciential, she hopes to work with motivated individuals who are enthusiastic about spreading science literacy and research. Furthermore, she has an interest in animal behaviour research. Outside of school, she loves to paint, sketch, and play and teach piano, read, and volunteer in the Hamilton community.

Communications Coordinator

Mahnoor Memon - Honours Life Sciences III

Mahnoor is in her third year of the Honours Life Sciences program. She joined Sciential to explore a wide range of research, from various different scientific disciplines, within McMaster University. She hopes to share this knowledge with her peers at McMaster and allow them the opportunity to learn about this accessible platform, to share their work. Her research interests comprise hydra regeneration, genetics, and community-based research. Outside of her academics, Mahnoor enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and travelling.

Senior Advisors

Dr. Kimberley Dej - School of Interdisciplinary Sciences

Dr. Veronica Rodriguez Moncalvo - School of Interdisciplinary Sciences

Dr. Katie Moisse - School of Interdisciplinary Sciences

Abeer Siddiqui - Science Librarian