Thank you for picking up our inaugural issue! You might be wondering, what is this book about? Certainly not a proclamation of love to our call schedule, mind you.

Night Float is McMaster Medicine’s arts and creative writing publication. We chose the title because it represents an aspect of medicine that is as grueling as it is rewarding, but also brings to mind a change in perspective, has an air of mystery, and fuels the imagination. While the professional responsibilities we slowly take on are not something that can easily be untangled from other aspects of our lives, they should not consume us. We believe that in addition to clinical or academic medicine, creativity should be promoted and celebrated on our pathway to practice. After all, medicine is a science, an art and above all a human interaction.

As you peruse these pages, we hope to bring you a sense of wonder and reflection. May you be refreshed and inspired to look at your own journey in medicine, ready to subvert the obvious and uncover new perspectives. Ultimately, we hope that you connect with our emotions and find echoes of your own voice in these tales of medicine, fantasy, satire, comedy, heartbreak, revelation, and so much more. After all, MacMed is our community and your story is our story. Please enjoy this first issue of Night Float: Our Stories.

Published: 2020-02-16