• Aruni Jayatilaka Western University
  • Ruvini Jayatilaka Western University


Title: Burnout

Artists: Aruni Jayatilaka and Ruvini Jayatilaka

Medium: Digital Art [Krita]

Description: The inspiration behind this artwork is to show the prevalence of burnout in healthcare, across many disciplines, especially within the pandemic. By having a video game concept of a scenario, we portray various options for character responses. By having multiple options indicating “I’m fine”, it portrays how it can be difficult for us to recognize that we may be on road to, or currently experiencing, burnout. The last option of asking to talk signifies opening a discussion in recognizing burnout. The unlock symbol next to this option symbolizes that sometimes, recognizing and asking for help may not be an option we immediately select, but that it is important to trust yourself and colleagues in speaking up when experiencing burnout. That’s the option we are selecting and what we encourage everyone to consider.




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Jayatilaka, A., & Jayatilaka, R. (2022). Burnout. Global Health: Annual Review, 1(7). Retrieved from https://journals.mcmaster.ca/ghar/article/view/3042