Reflective Narratives & Art-Based Submissions


Reflective Narratives are critical reflective pieces rooted in story-telling to share the author’s experiences. The goal of the reflective narratives is to highlight diverse perspectives in global health that may not fit within the scope of research articles and opinion editorials. For example, these pieces could discuss your experiences working in a global health organization or at a global health placement, as well as successes, challenges, and lessons learned. These pieces could also discuss your thoughts and reflections related to your personal experiences navigating inequities. With these reflective narratives, the goal is to provide a platform and channel for authors to share their experiences, encouraging collaborative teaching and learning of diverse aspects in global health.


  • 700-1200 words
  • Uses appropriate template
  • The text is single-spaced and uses 12-point Times New Roman font
  • If references are used, they follow the Vancouver referencing style


Art-Based Submissions are pieces that allow the authors to express themselves creatively. These submissions can be (but are not limited to): photographs, illustrations or paintings (hand made and/or digital), poetry, prose, infographics, digital visualizations, photo essays, short stories, and beadings. The goal is to foster artistic expression and provide a platform for authors to share their insights on global health through art.

To view examples of last year's art-based submissions, click here.


Themes that can guide your Reflective Narratives or Art-Based Submissions:

Colonialism in Global Health; Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases; Economics and Health Financing; Environmental Health and Climate Change; Ethics; Globalization; Governance; Health Equity; Health Policy and Systems; Indigenous Health; Innovation; Intersectional Identities (e.g., Gender, Race, Ability); Mental Health; Migration; Nutrition; One Health; Politics of Global Health; Poverty; Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Adolescent, and Child Health; Social Determinants of Health; Social Justice and Human Rights; War and Conflict.