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The Global Health: Annual Review (GHAR) is an open-access journal run by students and alumni of MSc. Global Health Program from McMaster University. First published in 2015, this journal is a platform for global health students, academics, and professionals to share their scholarly work with colleagues and the community.

Global health is intrinsically multicultural, and spans across many disciplines. The MSc. Global Health Program brings together a trans-national consortium of academic institutions and enables students to explore many current and emerging issues across social sciences, health sciences, business, and humanities. Through this exposure, the program aims to help young professionals develop the capacity to view health through multiple contexts and the intuition to work effectively in cross-cultural teams.

Following this philosophy, the GHAR journal welcomes submissions of original scholarly work from students and graduates, spanning across several different topic areas including health systems governance, health ethics, social justice, and environmental health. The research published here were done in a wide range of geographic regions, often as part of a student’s thesis, major research paper, or global health practicum. In many cases, the resulting publication is the culmination of international collaboration between students, researchers, and authors across a student’s graduate career.

In Issue 3 of GHAR, the editorial team accepted submissions in the form of research articles and opinion editorials. Based on the article’s core thesis, these articles are categorized into two thematic areas: Global Health Inequities and Innovations. We hope this issue of our journal gives you a glimpse of the research done by our students and alumni.

On behalf of our authors and the editorial board, I would like to thank you, the reader, for your interest and support in our journal.


Yours in Writing,

Kaiyang Fan

on behalf of
The GHAR Editorial Board

April 5, 2018


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