Barriers To Accessing Hiv Treatment And Testing Services In Tanzania

A Scoping Review


  • Hassan Masood McMaster University


High rates of HIV susceptibility and consequent infection transmission in Tanzania are associated with barriers to accessing HIV services. The focal goal of this scoping review is to unveil social, religious, economic, and individual barriers to accessing HIV testing and treatment services in Tanzania. Peer-reviewed literature was screened using e-databases, yielding 18 studies that fit the inclusion criteria. The studies found many barriers that influenced Tanzanians' decision to seek testing and treatment services. Scientific literature indicates that diagnosis through testing and following treatment can reduce the risk of HIV transmission and overall prevalence. The barriers in Tanzania were a lack of knowledge about HIV and its treatment benefits, social stigma, and institutional factors. Stigmatization of HIV-positive Tanzanians was the most prominent barrier, leading to fear among other individuals and refusal of testing. As we advance, a more inclusive approach is needed to gather a holistic perspective. Also, empowering the community of Tanzania and raising awareness regarding HIV to promote the uptake of testing and treatment.




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