Level X: Access to Healthcare


  • Aruni Jayatilaka Western University
  • Ruvini Jayatilaka


In this artwork, we wanted to highlight various social determinants of health and how they influence access to healthcare services. We used a game setting to symbolize how there are obstacles to overcome, as well as tools that will make it easier to reach the end goal. We showed how social determinants can be different obstacles by having the character jump over to avoid or having to jump to reach a pathway towards the end goal. The red shoes and jet pack symbolize that everyone starts at different points – some may have various supports and that will be useful to get access faster or more easily compared to others. The fallen character shows that some will have a difficult time reaching adequate resources to even access healthcare. Finally by having  "access to healthcare" as a flag pole, we wanted to show that despite everyone accessing healthcare, people may be able to reach different levels of care depending on their circumstances.




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Jayatilaka, A., & Jayatilaka, R. (2023). Level X: Access to Healthcare. Global Health: Annual Review, 1(8), 109. Retrieved from https://journals.mcmaster.ca/ghar/article/view/3437