No Health Without Mental Health


  • Hassan Masood McMaster University


This digital artwork is inspired by the importance of mental health. Mental health is often stigmatized and overlooked in some cultures as it is an internal experience which is not visibly apparent to those around us. Our mental and physical health significantly impacts the quality of our lives, which is why we must care for our body, mind, and soul. By having an integrated structure, I portray the presence of support systems and individuals to help improve mental well-being. The medical chart represents the value of healthcare systems, as they strive not only to ensure physical well-being but mental well-being as well. The ladder indicates that achieving good mental health is a step-by-step process, which the healthcare team collaborates to help provide. By providing compassionate care, represented by the heart, the healthcare team and others can help form a support system for promoting good health. Therefore, this artwork as a whole emphasizes the importance of reaching out to others for support when dealing with mental health problems. Mental health awareness is critical for the mental and physical well-being of society. Therefore, educating people on mental health will promote a happier and healthier population.




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